I teach using a combination of practical exercises and inspiring demonstrations as well as personal guidance, depending on the student’s level. I have taught since the early 90’s. I believe the best learning environment is based on experimentation, concentration – and FUN 😉
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for informationcollaboration or a price estimate for a project.
Here are some of my workshops, which also can be used as creative teambuilding:
, Italian Renaissance style combined with a modern and expressionistic approach, 3 Mondays in November.
Woodcut + teambuilding 
where the participants cut and print large images that fit together and are fun and easy to do.
Idea Generation 
with Janus Vinther.
Creativity – hands on! 
with collage, watercolour and calligraphy.
basic and experimental (advanced). 
Images + words with Iben Danielsen. An exciting meeting of images (watercolour, collage, calligraphy etc.) and words.
Claymation + team building – make your own movie! with Janus VintherSee the video made in only 3 hours. Can be combined with Idea Generation 😉
Drawing, live drawing, classical drawing